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Education & Training

Promoting STEM learning is one of our core values. As such, Discover Space UK proudly supports many opportunities for schools and universities across the UK and beyond. Find out more below.

Mach-Series Launch Competition and Skills Conference

This annual event is an opportunity for undergraduate students to develop their practical, hands-on mechanical and electrical/ electronic skills by designing, building, and flying a Can-Sat or launch vehicle of their own creation.

Mach-23 is not only focussed on build & launch but will provide an opportunity to attend talks and workshops, as we understand the importance of skills development and team building. With your support, students will be able to use this opportunity to begin to build their space industry networks.

ESERO-UK & ESERO-Ireland CanSat Competitions

The ESERO-UK and ESERO-Ireland annual CanSat Competitions offer students aged 14+ the chance to work on a small-scale space project, creating and launching their own simulation of a satellite.


In 2021/22, Discover Space UK supported the ESERO-UK competition by hosting the North of England and Scottish regional final launch events, with the latter taking place at Machrihanish Airbase. We also supported the National Final of the ESERO-Ireland competition in Dublin. For both competitions, DSUK acted as Launch Service Provider, successfully launching CanSats at all events.


Community Open Days

Community open days are a fantastic opportunity to involve the public in the exciting activities being undertaken at Machrihanish Airbase. As such, we are keen to involve and include the local community in events on site. 

The Mach-Series of Competitions involve a Community Open Day element, where the public are invited on site to watch rocket launches, learn about upcoming projects at Discover Space UK and take part in fun family activities, including talks on space and rocketry, and crafts for all ages!

More information on the next community open day coming soon.

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