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The Facility

MachLab is a comprehensive propulsion test and research facility that offers testing capabilities of earth-storable and cryogenic rocket engines of up to 10kN. The facility will also offer ancillary testing capabilities to support a wide range of propulsion systems at various technology readiness levels. The project also pursues long-term goals of designing the first UK propellant densification system and high-thrust test facilities for full scale launch vehicles.

This project drastically increases the resilience of UK propulsion test services by offering a remote but accessible facility where both low technology readiness level, high-thrust, and state-of-the-art experimental propulsion systems can be freely tested at a price point that is affordable for academia, small businesses, launch service providers and foreign businesses.

The Vision

The continuous rise of aerospace activities within the UK has uncovered a critical lack of ground infrastructure to support launch vehicle development at the pace envisioned by the UK National Space Strategy. 

Within the UK there are only a few propulsion test facilities most of which are in urban areas, have limited availability, are not affordable for academia and small businesses, and/or have performance constraints.

Machrihanish Airbase is poised to fill the role of a comprehensive aerospace hub for launch vehicle and space related activities encompassing research, testing, collaborations, and low-earth orbit space access. 

This will both develop resilient space capabilities and services, facilitate growth in the UK space sector and propel the UK as a science and technology superpower by providing a site for state-of-the-art launch vehicle research, development, and testing.

MachLab Engine Test Facility

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