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Spaceport Machrihanish Enters 2022 with a bang supporting Engine Testing in Scotland.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Discover Space UK welcomed Glasgow and Kingston Universities Ouroboros team to Spaceport Machrihanish to test the performance of their new engine.

Fig 1: Ouroboros team, consisting of Jack Tufft (Glasgow University) , Liam Graham (UKLSL), Dr. Peter Shaw (Kingston University), Dr. Adam Barker (UKLSL), Kryzstof Bzdyk (Glasgow University), Dr. Patrick Harkness (Glasgow University) who have travelled to breezy Kintyre for some exciting testing.

The project, supported by Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), looks to develop a novel autophagic rocket engine. DSUK (Discover Space UK) was proud to be able to support the evolution of launch technology and future human exploration of the stars and We look forward to working with the team in the future.

Fig 2: Ouroboros gas and propellant delivery system test set-up at Spaceport Machrihanish (Credit: Dr Peter Shaw, Kingston University).

DSUK, as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable spaceflight, plans to repurpose existing infrastructure on the former NATO base. The test site, a building that previously housed military tanks, has 3 ft thick walls and was ideal for keeping the university teams safe while they collected data during the rocket engine test.

Liam Graham, Assistant Project Engineer at Discover Space UK says “Spaceport Machrihanish’s location and the current infrastructure is ideal for spaceflight and future transport operations. Safe engine testing is just one way we can support those activities.”

To find out more about rocket engine testing, please contact

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