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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the biggest environmental benefits of having the spaceport at Machrihanish Airbase is the existent infrastructure. Discover Space UK and partner companies already use many of these amazing buildings with a rich history which would otherwise be lying dormant; vulnerable to falling into disrepair. Discover Space are committed to ensuring their activities have a positive environmental impact on the site. We currently utilise bunkers to store rockets motors, warehouses to store range equipment, workshops to manufacture and repair rockets and satellites, and launch pads to send our rockets into the atmosphere to gather data. Our “UK First” vertical rocket test stand has seen a former radar tower have a new lease of life and a jet fuel storage facility will be renovated into test stand workshops and control room. All materials and equipment that is removed will be reused onsite for other services or sent for recycling. Discover Space UK use only reusable rockets and can-sats, it is important to us that we are not adding to landfill and creating more waste than is necessary.

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